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Sugaring Hair Removal Services & Pricing



Beginner Brazilian $65
(Keep some or take it all)

Seasoned Brazilian $55
(Pre-book w/in 6 weeks. Ask for Details.)

Basic Bikini $40
Buttocks $20-$30


Full Legs (includes feet & toes) $95-$125
Lower Legs (includes feet & toes) $50-$65
Upper Legs $50-$65
Inner Thighs only $15
Full Arms (includes hands & fingers) $45-$55
Forearms (includes hands $ fingers) $30-$40
Underarms $20-$25


Stomach $20
Half Back $20
Full Back $45


Brow Shape/Touch-Up $25-$35
Chin $12-$15
Lip $12-$15
Sides of Face (patch-test required) $25
Outer Nostril $15
Full Face $70-$80



Full Back $65-$85
Half Back $45-$65
Chest $30-$40
Stomach $25-$30


Full Legs $130-$150
Half Legs $55-$80
Feet & Toes $15
Full Arms $65
Half Arms (includes hands & fingers) $50
Underarms $25-$30


Brow Groom $10-$15
Outer Nostrils $12
Outer Ear $12-$20


Nape of Neck $20-$30

* Taking care of your skin in between sevices is strongly recommended: Exfoliate with gloves (loofah not recommended because of harbored bacteria), Moisturize (best if no alcohols, colors or fragrances are added) and Detox with Hungarian Wellness Mud and Dead Sea Salts.

Why Get Sugared?

Pure And Natural Ingredients
Just sugar, lemon and water

Gentle On The Skin
There is no wax in the sugar and therefore, it does not adhere to live skin cells (less pain!!). The sugar functions, secondarily, as an exfoliant by removing dead skin cells

Hairs Are Extracted In The Natural Direction Of Growth
Less pain and less potential for broken hairs

Can Extract Short Hairs
1/16th to 1/4 inch - Come in sooner, before that awkward growing phase!

More Santitary
No wooden spatulas and no muslin, therefore no double dipping

Leads to Semi-Permanency Faster Than Waxing
Because it is possible to extract short hairs (early "anagen" phase), the follicle begins to deplete more rapidly

Water Soluble
It will not damage clothing; residue is easily removed from the skin