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Sugaring Hair Removal Professional Training

Who Can Attend?

Classes are availble to licensed Estheticians and Cosmetologists. Discounted rates are offered to students, who are welcome to enroll as well.

How Long is the Course?

The Course is 16 Hours - Two Days Total

Where is the Training?

Trainings take place in Encinitas
(Northern San Diego Coast)


Classes take place in Kristin's "Sweet" along Hwy 101. Easy access from Hwy 5 and many accommodations available.

What Products are Used?

Alexandria Professional™ Products

Alexandria Professional™ is a rapidly growing company dedicated to providing world-class solutions to the beauty and wellness industries. We have developed a unique and innovative process for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair called "advanced body sugaring".

Kristin & Alexandria Professional™

Kristin Walshe, SugarCoated Skincare Owner, is a Certified Educator for Alexandria Professional™. After receiving her certification she worked at "Studio Alexandria LA" and gained first-hand experience under the wing of the leading authority on sugaring, studio owner and founder Lina Kennedy.

Upcoming Classes

Fall/Winter 2018

Aug 19 and 20
Sept 30 and Oct 1
Nov 4 and 5
Dec 2 and 3

For pricing and other training information click here to contact us.

Why Learn to Sugar?

Convenience: No trips back and forth to the wax pot or trash can. Stay with your client and do your work.

Sanitation: No double dipping!!

Truly Skincare: Sugaring is gentle to the skin - no wax

No muslin or sticks: Just your gloved hand

Flexiblity: Hands have joints, sticks don't - flexiblity makes your job easier.

Easy to Clean: Water Soluble

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