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About SugarCoated Skincare and Kristin Fennema

Kristin has been working in the spa and health industry since 1998. Her career began at the "Chopra Center for Wellbeing" as a massage therapist, spa manager and trainer. Always curious about what the estheticians were up to, she eventually became a certified skincare professional in 2006. Then in 2009, added the Art of Body Sugaring to her resume.

After receiving her sugaring certification, Kristin's commitment to excellence led her up to Los Angeles for part-time work at "Studio Alexandria LA". This gave her the opportunity to work under the wing of the leading authority on sugaring, studio owner and founder of "Alexandria Professional," Lina Kennedy.

Kristin has had a private practice for over 10 years. She loves to share her passion for Sugaring - the natural and safe waxing alternative - as well as other services that focus on feeding the skin with proper nourishment and stimulation.

When given its biological needs, the skin has the ability to regenerate itself.

Skin Care Terms & Definitions

Free Radical : Atoms or molecules that are unstable and highly reactive. They are triggered by the sun, pollution, chemicals, medication and compounds containing oxygen.

Anitoxidant ("Anti Free-Radical'): Any substance, that slows down damage caused by free radicals, by preventing the oxidative action of unstable molecules. The body's ability to produce antioxidants declines with age. Vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes taken internally and applied topically, are valuble anti-aging practices

Vitamin C: Found in many cosmetic formulations, under the "anit-aging" category, as a water and/or lipid soluble ingredient. Can inhibit melanin formation and lessen damage if applied topically, before and after sun exposure.

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